Clothes Closet Ideas & Resources

No matter how the economy is doing, there are always families struggling with the effects of poverty. When money is tight, clothing is often one of the first items to go from the family budget. Of course, fashion is a big deal to kids, just as it makes a difference in the workplace for adults, but the reasons to launch a school-based Clothes Closet go far beyond fashion. When families in our communities are choosing between food, clothes and shelter, and clothes get pushed out, students end up without the proper tools for staying warm and dry. They sometimes even make the decision to miss class and stay home rather than face the social repercussions of wearing tattered, unfashionable or ill-fitting clothes at school.

The church has the resources needed to be part of the solution to this problem. We can impact the trajectory of children's lives by removing inadequate clothing as a barrier to success. As a partner with schools, we can support children's education goals and help them on their path to successful adulthood.