Supporting School-Run Programs Ideas & Resources

Public school administrators in the United States experience constant pressure to show positive results in their schools, even with inadequate funding. Oftentimes they have programs in place that, given appropriate resources, would help them attain those positive results. Too often they simply lack sufficient means to fully staff them. However, it is within the grasp of churches to assist in bridging some of these gaps. It costs school districts money to get manpower, but we, the church, are a group of people who exist to make a difference in lives and to serve, for free.

School-run program support is a great place where the needs of the school meet perfectly with the resources of the church. We can come alongside current school programs, such as reading buddies, college and career mentoring, and classroom volunteering, to enhance their resources through volunteering. This way, we can provide a more fulfilling and effective experience for students, and relieve some of the stress on the school. And the bonus is that it's low overhead and easy for the church to organize. We can do all this by simply being who we are called to be. It all starts by asking what we've come to call the Jesus Question: "What do you want me to do for you?"