Tutoring Ideas & Resources

Whether a student is trying to maintain a high GPA, or is struggling to pass a difficult course, having a tutor available can help make the difference in their ability to achieve the grades and the subject knowledge that they're working for. Sometimes coming to school with needs that keep them from being able to focus on the schoolwork itself, having a tutor who cares about them can simply help motivate students to succeed in classwork. Tutors can also help teachers feel less pressure to focus on the struggles of individual students rather than on the class as a whole. In light of the fact that many schools are suffering from overcrowded classrooms with a high student-to-teacher ratio, tutoring can be one of the best support systems a church can offer a school.

Tutoring Programs are an easy way for churches to support the work of the school, with very little cost or organization needs. Yet the impact they have are significant; students get to have more quality options for learning and support, and the benefits potentially ripple out for their lifetime.