Church & School Partnerships

Public schools are the heartbeat of our communities. They work daily to educate and inspire, and they're in it for the kids. Schools know education, and they understand which path to take to help students achieve their goals and dreams. But too often they just don't have adequate staff or resources to get there. The realities of student poverty, dysfunction in the family, and sometimes just crumbling school facilities, simply take a toll on education goals.

As communities of people drawn together in faith and love, churches are uniquely poised to step into the gap for kids and their communities. Together, we can be part of the solution. Whether it's volunteering in the classroom to support teachers, or just helping maintain attractive school grounds for students to take pride in, we want to walk the path together. By entering into a supportive partnership with a school, serving without agenda simply because kids ARE worth it, we can make the kind of difference that transforms a community, for good.