The Site Coordinator

The role of the Site Coordinator is key to the success of a church–school partnership. The Site Coordinator, as the church representative who oversees implementation and day-to-day functions of church service programs, is the glue that holds the church–school partnership together. For some churches the Site Coordinator role might be filled by the Outreach Pastor or other staff member, but for others a trusted volunteer will fill those shoes. The basic functions of the role will be the same regardless. Here are some of the Site Coordinator's most important responsibilities:

  • Provide a central point person for school staff to communicate with, even when the church has implemented multiple service projects.
  • Coordinate with both church and school staff on selection, timing and scope of service projects, keeping church staff informed on the progress and needs of service projects.
  • Recruit, train and manage volunteers and key leaders, ensuring that they have the resources and support that they need to carry out their roles, and that the values and vision for the partnership are maintained at every level.
  • Coordinate with other community groups (parent groups, other churches, alumni, etc.) who are active in providing support to the school.
  • Build relationships with all other school stakeholder groups, as part of the school community.